Naked Body of Dreams

Poetry by David Deyo

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Grandeur in Grays

Darkness fans out at the speed of shadows,
every bit as fast as the breakneck of light.
The shadows are fearful and timid and shy,
hiding beneath beds and cringing under couches.
Within twilight they travel, often wholly unseen,
their silhouettes obscured, the edges gone fuzzy
by the smudging of sunset, by the gloaming come home.
And yet, for eyes adjusted to the spectrum of shade,
for the sight that awaits failing half-light to see,
is a world with the look of engraving, of photography.
The skins of all things, finally bled of their brilliance,
now offer their faces like a tapestry of textures
that shadows alone release from obscurity.
Your gaze, removed from the harsh light of day
finds ease and calm amid hues named umbrage
and necrosis and all the countless, nameless
grays you might find in between. In shadows
your unremarkable streets show their mystery
and you find a sanctuary of blindness reborn.

About the Poem

A friend of mine living in Atlanta who is the vision behind specialty press publisher Unnameable Press invited me to contribute a poem to a project he has in mind to produce in the coming year. The only requirement for contributions is that it invoke shadows as a motif or subject in some way. This is the poem I sent him. Often the word "shadows" has a negative connotation as a place in which dark, self-destricutve, and even malicious thinks hide. A place of camouflage for monsters. I chose to explore shadows as something that retreats from light out of shyness and which offers a chance to see our world in ways that daylight simply cannot provide.


This poem is previously unpublished in print. It was completed November 13, 2012.



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