Naked Body of Dreams

Poetry by David Deyo

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Side Effect

Sustaining tablet, potent with dreams,
waiting to dissolve like a sacramental host
that fills my blood with fresh armaments
and strictly by chance, a chance at these visions.
After the droop of eyelids, I too dissolve, like you,
breaking into particles of my once assembled self.

And there I am, swimming in my own stream
amid your school of exotic molecules,
occasionally touching you, colliding like
strangers in a crowd.

Like vapors in a cloud
we mingle and swell into a denser droplet,
weighing more than feathered air can hold.
I tumble out of familiar sky and into you,
dropping as fast as shadows fall.

We slip down through layers and currents
of turbulent slumber, as raindrops always do.
Each push of wind points a new direction,
shifting the view above or below or around,
showing me all the otherwise sights.

I gaze back into forgotten faces, lost or dead
and guess how it might be today
if they’d never gone away.
I stare off into tomorrow and the eyes
of children who will never come from me,
I can’t say I’m sorry they went unborn
but wonder still about the gifts
they might have given the world.

Lost in sightseeing, I forget
this skydive into the jump zone of myself
eventually comes to a complete stop.
Something cries out for attention, 
the alarm clock or the dogs whining to go out.

Landing dead center of the mattress,
I climb into myself and out of the bed
on my way to the next essential pill
and whatever awaits me today.


About the Poem

This poem stems from a medication I take once a day, just before bedtime. It produces a couple of side effects, one of which is vivid and odd dreams. It would seem there is another, albeit indirect, side effect...inspiration. Here is a video interpretation of this poem, read by David:

Side Effect


This poem was written in 2005 and is previously unpublished in print.



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