Naked Body of Dreams

Poetry by David Deyo

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One Kiss

When the answer is yes, I don’t ask you why,
Don’t question this instance of permission.
You’ll let me kiss you just this once.
This single chance to touch my lips to you,
To know you as only a kiss allows.

When a dream dares to make itself real,
Even for the span of a solitary moment,
I’ve learned to drink as deeply as I can.
As my first impression reaches your mouth,
I unbarricade the buckle and buttons.

I take my kiss and travel…

Beyond the boundaries of your lips,
Surveying the ridges of chin and jaw
And the border drawn in razor stubble.
Retreating in a slow neckside slide,
Exploring your warm-blooded terrain,
Like that hideaway spot below the collar
Where passion loves to leave a little bruise
And desire’s hex marks the spot.

My kiss traces your lines like a followed map,
Finds all the secret destinations of your skin
Remaining in places where travel should pause,
Wetting all the native hairs, both soft and coarse,
Lightly tickling the paths of waist and hip
But lingering awhile in your warm taboo,
Letting a herd of taste buds climb your tree.

The trail of my tongue touches everywhere,
Etching you like a familiar place for me to remember,
Somewhere I can slip away and quietly recall
When my lips widened then grew ignorant of time
Shifting your landscape for a little while,
Until your breath lost its rhythm
And your senses lost their place.

One kiss.
I could not ask for more.

About the Poem

This poem plays with a fantasy that occurs to most anybody who nurses a passion from afar; that somehow the object of your desire will consent to a single kiss. An erotic expression of the adage, "if you give them an inch...." Here is a video interpretation of David reciting this poem accompanied by original music written by David Maddux:

One Kiss


This poem is previously unpublished in print. This poem was originally written in 1986 but was heavily revised and finished again on May 16, 2003.



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