Naked Body of Dreams

Poetry by David Deyo

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You took shape from ether
drawn out of my deepest shadows,
shook the old, undisturbed dust
from a form I haven’t occupied
since before manhood began.

You took full possession,
commanded soul through the body
to administer my first lessons,
bound me to the very props that
opened a passage for my pardon.

You are the muscled pillar
against which I leaned and let go
as my fingers released the controls,
my skeleton itself turned pliant
to await any shape you demand.

You are the dark archetype
where I dissolved of free will
and in your salty suspension
found the things I forgot of myself
to master the thing I could not be.

You gave whispered orders
that I dared and struggled to obey
for the purchase of your praise until
I saw that I served my own need
in the service I offered to you.

You gave me a bitter drink
that became sweeter in the swallow,
a long train of stinging slaps that
brought to my skin a blush of life
and to my lips a new sip of tears.

You linger as scent in my beard,
the flicker of candles lit as you wished
and textures of leather and chrome,
how you gathered me into your arms
and the way you called me boy.

About the Poem

This poem records my impressions following my first encounter with a leather master. It was a very powerful experience.


This poem was completed July 7, 2003. It is previously unpublished in print.



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