Naked Body of Dreams

Poetry by David Deyo

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Step Right Up

Welcome one and all
to our carnival of carnality,
the opera of the skin!
Gathered this very night
under tents of new percale
lies the lush extravagance
of the dynasty bred to lust.
Touch them! Taste them!
Our wastrels to affection
perform in center rings,
entertaining you tonight!
See Phallus the Clown
strut about shouting
"Who is larger than me?!"
See our troupe of deviates
make a raw ballet
of sodomy on the high wire!
Watch the Ringmaster
in his special one-man show!
See the swinging singles
juggling their pills!
See wild, untamed savages
grovel for the whip!
See it! See it! See it all!
Tonight and every night,
our dusk to dawn spectacular!
Come, come one and all
to the carnival!

About the Poem

This poem visits the realm of human sexuality. I thought it would be amusing to treat sexuality as a circus within which the gamut of behavior is performed. The narrator is the circus barker, trying to pull people into the show.

With the advent of Viagra, I updated the line that once talked about "juggling the pill" (meaning birth control pill) to "pills" (to include all the newest wonder drugs for fertility and impotence). Here is a video interpretation of this poem, read by David:

Step Right Up


This poem was first published in Naked Body of Dreams (1985, Talisman Creations).



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