Naked Body of Dreams

Poetry by David Deyo

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The Cloud Unbound

The day of release is on the way,
when this pale and shallow tissue tears away
and the unbordered essence of myself will rise in peace,
given wing once this mortal dance has done its odd ballet.
My breath will go free then dissipate with plaintive cease
like the echoes of music paused, having had its full say.

Even so, that day is not yet today,
Tethered in this solitary moment where I pray,
That stretches and strains to touch in fingertips of strife
the things that I must master with not a moment to delay.
My flesh makes a steady crawl up the very face of my life
like a climber propelled to summits on only feet of clay.

Still, this day, this one I now obey,
Treading step by step up the path I cannot stray
too far from and reach the destined destination I can see,
this coincidence of moment that all my open eyes survey.
My vision fills with more than sight could ever carry
like a seeing stream that soaks me dripping with its spray.

But the next day, that very last foray,
When the end of time unweaves my skin in slow decay
And my eternal self is projected well past the folds of space,
Given reach beyond the relenting grip of time betrayed.
My doubts at last are lost within a greater mind’s embrace
Like orphans cared for gently as only their Father may.

About the Poem

This poem considers the perspective that the eventual loss of life in this world is an event to anticipate in gladness and not dread. If you believe that your essential self survives death to join a larger existence, then perhaps death is just the satisfying end of a brief earthly journey. Here is a video interpretation of this poem, read by David:

The Cloud Unbound


This poem was finished April 22, 2003. This poem was previously unpublished in print.



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