Naked Body of Dreams

Poetry by David Deyo

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My Name is Long

I live because in the quiet of the cosmos,
down in the deepest tones of holiness
where love and creation mean the same thing, 
He speaks my name. For my name is long
as years, begun with a first sacred phoneme
conceived in divine imagination, inspired
then voiced in the highest harmonics 
by the breath that moves and makes all things.
My name is long, grown syllable by syllable
from the echoes of days met and made full
across the spans of endless winding seasons.
Born and died and remembered and born again,
skipped across history like a stuttering stone
that sets ripples repercussing from all my acts, 
my every deed, each dared and done complete,
their causal effects set loose and flown free.
The noises of all these things are uttered
and added and remembered as my name.
For my name is long as ages, rendered like song
that never grows hoarse or faint or feeble,
even as the timbres that carry it into tremolos
of trespasses forgiven and forgotten that
quaver fearfully and are never again reprised. 
I am living glossolalia, a strand strung of sound
that goes on and on, sans coda, forever unpaused.
For my name is long, as long as the taper of time.
And I live because He speaks my name.

About the Poem

This poem takes a mystical view on human identity as being established and manifested over many lifetimes by the form of a name that is spoken by God. This name grows longer and longer with each successive reincarnation, forming an eternal word in which the soul's entire history is captured and remembered. Here is a video interpretation of this poem, read by David:

My Name is Long


This poem is previously unpublished in print. It was finished November 20, 2012.



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