Naked Body of Dreams

Poetry by David Deyo

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And what is the spirit but godflesh touching the world?
The single bit of skin through which eternity knows the feel.
A fine, quivering hair that tickles the larger mind of God.
Life gives every strand of moment in the braid of our days
to the one vast, unbroken, interwoven, all-pervasive dream,
each soul another tassel edging the tapestry of divinity itself.

And what is the body but a empty animal we ride awhile?
The temporary unfolding of matter in an energetic dance.
A feral dust cloud of sweat caught in the eddies of the world.
Flesh lives like a flare as it flies, from the ignition of birth
through a blazing arc into sparks that will dim and disappear,
setting every shining sliver of the passage aglow as they burn.

And what is the mind but a witness to this surreal estate?
The pupil that surveys the boundless world for mastery.
A model we cannot finish formed of everything we know.
Thoughts shape the time we occupy, writing the catalogs
of history and remembrance as well as listfuls of wishes for
things just conceived and dreams anticipating their moment.

And what is all of this but proof of the trinity that we are?
The congregation of selves singing as if they were a choir.
A mélange of miracles with mystery steeped in the flavor.
For delight alone the Maker joins such fragile fragments
and sets them dancing across the stage of the living world,
watching the steps we select for any beauty they will make.

About the Poem

This poem speaks about human beings being a combination of three distinct kinds of creature: spirit, body, and mind. I've noticed that people can find the notion of God as a trinity a difficult one to understand. But I find that contemplating how each of us is a single life formed by the combination of three distinct natures sheds some light on the mystery for me.


This poem is previously unpublished in print. This poem was started sometime in 2001 and finished January 28, 2002.



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