Naked Body of Dreams

Poetry by David Deyo

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At the weathered pier fashioned from planks of history,
with trembling fingers, I close my eyelids and let it go.
Releasing in a moment of surrender to fate's own waters,
a message in a mottled bottle that once held a dream,
written on a sheet of heartskin with an ink of myself
mixed from saltwater off my cheek and the tint of my pupils,
addressed to the face never yet cradled in my warm palms.

I will not be marooned like this forever.

Someday you will find these words of invitation,
the opening passage of the unfinished tale, completed in duet.
And the sound of your voice as it speaks aloud these lines
will finally chant the incantation that summons me to you.
We will drink in turns from the sacred flask in your reverie,
and together see at last, with eyes fully opened from this sleep,
what we each have silently dared in prayers said alone,
the brilliant and vivid vision that forever overflows.

You will find me in that bottle and in the finding set me free.

About the Poem

This poem expresses some very personal emotions felt in the stepping back from someone with whom I'd been in a relationship and in that aftermath looking for hope for a better someone down the road.


This poem is previously unpublished in print. This poem was finished March 26, 2010.



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