Naked Body of Dreams

Poetry by David Deyo

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The Gnosis of You

You emerged like cosmos, ex nihilo, complete,
working the strands of the history given you,
appeared in sight like a face I should recognize
out of what I remember of half of a dream
or is that half of a memory of part of a dream?

No matter, this matter transformed into you
came into view from nowhere I knew at all.
From out of that bin of billions you surfaced,
a drop, flung whole out of the rolling sea.
You fell like a bright tear released in laughter
that spread down my face as fast as water runs.
It will take all the time I can spare, and more
to absorb the moisture of you, poured into pores
like mouths at oasis to swallow their survival.

Shudders incite a wide grin to grip my face,
tremors that seize deep as you seep inside me
to get under my skin, where I always wanted.
What a riot, this groundswell of giddy ovation
that thrusts high all the stout arms within me.
All my full cups spill over now in thousands
to glaze the floor with puddles of our delight,
splashed all night by our feet as they dance.

You explode into my now swollen knowing
like a lifetime just given in a giving of birth.
Without having seen you til just before now,
you open your space to my animal voyage
in a future of filaments that both of us weave,
something I think that I tried once to dream.

About the Poem

This poem expresses a way in which you can come to feel close to someone very suddenly.


This poem was completed June 17, 2003. It is previously unpublished in print.



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