Naked Body of Dreams

Poetry by David Deyo

Poetry Contents
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The Horizon

The rhythm of your trembling footfalls
will carry you to where history is forgotten,
through the faithful prayers and dreams
you sent to where I await.

I heard them all.

The soft vibrations of your princely soul
and the steady, moving tides of breath
pushed and pulled by moonspirit,
exhaling you into this, our common land.

All of these have settled into my ears
before ever I heard the speech of your body,
choking with the grief of burdens
to be lifted off your weary shoulders.

Do you know where you're standing?

Here is where you and I, two winged lions,
take flight to pull Apollo's chariot higher
into the sky, up from the falling edge of night,
ascending to span all of earth and water.

And when we touch down with feet of fire
the oracle will uncurl from our smoke,
speaking with a voice that seeds the silence,
to pronounce our communion in love.

No one has seen our sacred dances before,
but in the eventual dusk that first lights
on us like raindrops from the start of storms,
our bodies move like none have ever moved.

Night's canopy, like a cloak of indigo and ink,
mottled with the awakening of distant stars,
serenades tenderly the song of lovemaking
chanted with your voice mingled in mine.

Come home, to the country where you
were always a native and prodigal,
a hungry exile returned to your territory,
the wide horizon of my heart.

About the Poem

This poem was written in anticipation of the arrival of the love of my life into my life. I believe in the power of human consciousness to attract and manifest our deepest desires. Long before I first met him online, I had been signalling my divine source that I was ready and eager to meet a new romance.


This poem is previously unpublished in print. This poem was finished June 5, 2009.



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