Naked Body of Dreams

Poetry by David Deyo

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What I Am

Hovering just above the skin,
barely making contact with you,
spilt across you like anointing,
you come to know just what I am.
I am the faith you have forgotten,
and the offering it brings in your name.
I am the surrender and the service,
a face to kiss your feet with gladness.
I am the devotion you disbelieve,
a passion as constant as coming dawn.
I am the knowing hand that navigates
steady into the full tempest of you.
There is no time to invent the words
I need to tell you of all the things
you gave me in the seeking of yourself.
But content and fully spent by mystery
layed bare in the wake of you and me,
hovering just above the skin...
You know what I am.

About the Poem

This was written within an hour of a very special intimate experience I shared with someone. Many of the words here came to mind as we were focused on one another. He has no idea I wrote this.


Finished in November 2002. This poem was previously unpublished in print.



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