Naked Body of Dreams

Poetry by David Deyo

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The End of Worlds Without End

Two years along now, and still the echo resounds,
the pounding heartbeat you drove within my chest,
the heartbeat that once turned the unsteady world.
I knew, like gnosis, laying against your naked length
that if I only spoke the words waiting on my tongue
light would be again, just as it was in genesis when
the universe gasped taking its very first breath.

Your touch did that to me, flooding me with godself
until I became the Word, the will, the mute wonder.
Within your flesh I poured out all there was of me
and found both my death and my resurrection,
over and over again but never, ever the same.
My pulse lured rivers to where tides lap their liquid,
all for the enchantment of being in your time.
My ragged breaths moved clouds along the sky
and all the world lived between our flushed bodies.

So it was, wound around and into each other,
spawning cosmos upon cosmos from broken sweat.
Seeding eternal night with the milk we mixed.
We were falling, down on our knees before God
to whisper the prayer of forever remembered lovers
when you turned your wine to water, undid Lazarus
from hot skin to spent ash that crumbled on me.
All that remains are the leavings conjured in memory
and this echo that steals my peace and my sleep.

About the Poem

This poem was inspired by hearing the song "I Remember" by Yeasayer and feeling a distincly haunted mood about a lost love. The draft was written on an iPad while riding a bus in downtown Portland when the battery died on the tablet. I was certain that I'd lost the poem but thankfully, the Notes document in which I'd been composing it had forwarded a copy to my e-mail account. I later did some minor editing.


This poem is previously unpublished in print. This poem was finished August 7, 2012.



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