Naked Body of Dreams

Poetry by David Deyo

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Somewhen, around some unfound corner left
behind me in the writhing maze of my time,
past a door whose knob I never touched nor turned,
whose frame did not admit me to other footsteps,
I made your full discovery.

It was another strand of days and nights
strung like pearls along different decisions,
presently left uncultured, ungathered,
uncrafted into the fragile and sacred finery
of memory that breaks upon me like foam.

Lacking precise directions, bereft of any map
to follow or landmarks to make plain the way,
you and I meandered through separate lands,
into countries peculiar to each other
where otherwise we may have shared a dance.

I could only haphazard my guesses about
a hundred varied collisions we might have made,
from the briefest of gentle deflections
to blunt-force impacts that left not a survivor,
disastrous and laden with regret.

Perhaps there was a drawing together,
snared by mutual revolution in the manner
of flotsam orbiting the maw of a vortex,
both drawn down to the bottom of mystery,
compressed into bliss and singularity.

No breadcrumb trails can be found back
to your lost somewhen, fallen behind me,
save those caught alone by the twitch
of dreaming eyes that witness all histories
and the lives where I found you, familiar.

About the Poem

This poem is a meditation on the people whom we might value but never meet because of the choices we make that put our lives on paths that never encounter them. Here is a video interpretation of this poem, read by David:



This poem is previously unpublished in print. This poem was finished December 19, 2005.



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