Naked Body of Dreams

Poetry by David Deyo

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The Falling Drop

How will you spot my drop in the boundless ocean
when I am just another freefalling puddle of liquid,
showered down like rain onto the churning waves?
I tumbled out of a sky that has never had a color,
dropped from clouds no eye is fast enough to find.
In the faint whistle that blew around me as I plunged,
the wind recited all my speech in a thread of sound,
an unbroken prayer begun fresh from the womb
and timed to the last word with a final gasp of breath.
Strange that I, the falling drop, am also a cloud,
a maker of rain that collects and trickles from my eyes.
The days pass in their constant rhythm, out of habit,
often unaware of moments turning into history.
Stranger still that I am also the wide, unfolding sky
where rain and tears lose each other in the mist.
Eternity passes the time away by practicing a juggle
of matter and energy, form into form into form.
Strangest of all that I become each of these in turn,
the water that dances between ocean and cloud,
the air that plays toss with moisture in the wind,
the wondering eye that watches all of this motion,
and the witness who writes it all down in a verse.

About the Poem

This poem wanders into a space of contemplation where the reader asks about the connection between their own being and all the things around them. My own view, informed by quantum physics, is that all things are interconnected and are exchanged into and out of one another.


This poem was completed May 16, 2003. It was previously unpublished in print.



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