Naked Body of Dreams

Poetry by David Deyo

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Below overlapping amplitudes, muted and murmuring,
creeping along, out of reach, in slow fluttering sound clouds,
underneath whispers of white noise, humming and bashful,
fainter than lingering microwaves that loiter near the ions,
a near nothingness hides that no one thinks to seek.

Concealed by the subtlety of the slightest meager motion,
hollow space grants empty shape to our intersecting axes,
their n-dimensions yearning for more than mere location.
Eager to frame the evidence of a particle or a wave,
the vacuum forgets itself within a lapse of unbecoming.

What results of zero cloaked in something not its kind?
When the very state of vacancy is rendered null and void
by a canceling of emptiness, what then must it become?
Denuded of all nullness, of every shape it never had,
absence twitches with a tic, transforming into presence.

Unstable rarefaction, jettisoned through forcible eviction
by dint of antithesis, casts a shadow resembling silhouette.
Exposed as mass in naked moment, anonymous no more,
the counterpart creases, its contours proffering substance,
a material mirage suggesting the semblance of reality.

An explosion of ex nihilo spraying fractions and fragments,
a big bang belch of plasma heading everywhere at once,
cooling as it grows into bouncing clumps that ricochet
then gather into gravity wells that slowly swell and sink
igniting stars that fashion the future stuff of periodic tables.

But nothing ever stays in place, remaining as it appeared.
No sooner than we spot them stepping hastily into sight,
the impostors swiftly shudder as they stumble and collapse.
They put in their appearance in a flash mob we detect
then flee into their vanishment via dances of decay.

About the Poem

This poem is about one of the elements of the narrative of Big Bang cosmology, which is the idea that the universe exploded into existence from what physicists call a vacuum fluctuation. A perfect vacuum, which existed prior to the Big Bang, underwent a kind of quantum state fluctuation that caused it to deviate from nothingness and in the process exploded the un-nothingness of a universe into being. Here is a video interpretation of this poem, read by David:



This poem was completed February, 2016. It is previously unpublished in print.



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