Naked Body of Dreams

Poetry by David Deyo

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Mind Job

Serendipity softly breathes a brief susurration I can hear,
giving me pause like the tongue tip taste of forgotten names,
distracting my witness in the manner of unplaceable faces,
seeming to speak in syllables that evade all recognition
until their only meaning in the moment is cadence and pitch.
Secrets, mouthed in ciphers and repeated in fractions of recall,
wander around the wonderment haze of all unfocused thought,
reminding me of intuition voicing a litany of innuendo.

A mind job, waiting to be done beneath the dusk of a dither,
puts on airs of mystery, of obscurity, of pointed paradox.
Is this the start of confusion as it seeks to work the angles,
bedeviling me with mirage, with taunts and misdirection?
Surely some trick of a much more nimble mind or wit
snares the smoke that rises from my smoldered intellect,
laying hands on that splinter, that fragment of discernment
I extoll as ample cause to call the impostor bluff,
having seen the contours at the edges of disguise
behind which lurks more camouflage, a total waste of time.

About the Poem

This poem describes the sensation of feeling like there's an idea just outside of reach that refuses to take the shape of any worthwhile words. Here is a video interpretation of the poem, read by David:

Mind Job


This poem is previously unpublished in print. It was finished on February 17, 2013



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