Naked Body of Dreams

Poetry by David Deyo

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The Cuttings You Made

It may seem at a glance that this garden went untended,
absent the orderly patches of greenery clipped neat
and the manicured clusters of intoxicant blooms,
their patches of color like some painterly palette.
What a peek snatched in passing gives in tattled report
is a wither and uprooting and a bramble amok,
of dry leavings in scatters from a balding of branches
and a choke of tall weeds in a tangle unwrangled.
What a sad, sorry circumstance told of this plot,
this fairy tale promise turned to fallow and rot
all for want of some pruning, some feeding, some time
that even some modest hands might have shown care.
But a stroll on the paving stones buried from sight
and a studied inspection would so shortly betray
are the oddest of telltales, proof of careful design,
cultivating this chaos and this eyesore malign.
For the nimblest fingers worked their till in this soil
just to raise up a wicked sight, dour and diseased,
of a flora forlorn like a juried indictment
to convict the caretaker in a neighborhood court.

About the Poem

This poem speaks to the ways people can plant seeds of doubt and insecurity in your life, then by their choices and actions feed and water those seeds until they germinate and grow into irrationality just to use that result as justification for estrangement.


This poem is previously unpublished in print. This poem was finished December 13, 2012.



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