Naked Body of Dreams

Poetry by David Deyo

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When Over My Head

My words float like a buoy in fierce gales
when the weight of woes would drown me.
Swift currents often churn my dark sea,
making hard-tugging riptides of despair.
The terror of submersion, especially in tears,
sends me into a panic for rescue, for safety,
for a searchlight shining from any direction.
Somehow, the lack of helping hands
deepens the water, pushes away the shore,
stirs the waves until their height swells.
These are often the moments I pray
with a poem, weaving language into rope
tossed as far as imagination can fly.
I tell myself that God catches what I throw
and from the invisible edge of solid land
He grasps my poorly fashioned lines
and tows me to shallows where I can stand.

About the Poem

This poem is about one of the motivations behind my writing. Whether I need help away from a broken heart or out of some other source of difficulty, my poetry is how I help myself.


This poem is previously unpublished in print. This poem was finished May 27, 2001.



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